Words Really Do Speak a Secret Language – Chaldean Numerology is the Key

By | January 29, 2021

You have certainly heard that your call speaks volumes – regularly in a language few folks clearly understand – it’s far one factor to be informed that names and phrases keep electricity: it’s far every other to genuinely see that electricity illustrated!

our secret language

Ancient Chaldean numerology assigns a wide variety of vibrations to the blended sounds of the letters in a phrase or calls – in different phrases, how your call sounds while it’s far spoken turns into a ‘hum’ or vibration of kinds and influences each you and others who listen to it. (The distinct letters that compose every call dictate the distinct characteristics, styles, or even occasion levels held inside that ‘hum’).

Following are a few examples of phrases that bring their wide variety of vibrations pretty overtly. Consider the phrases in ambitious type and the ‘feelings’ or ‘energies’ they project — the ones phrases overall to the wide variety beneath neath discussion. They encapsulate the energies of a specific wide variety: for example, ‘introduction’, ‘electricity’, ‘President’ and ‘Judge’ all overall to #1 and so on. If you locate your self wishing you had greater of this first-rate or that strength — appearance to the wide variety that suits your wish…and maybe, simply, it is time to alternate your call!

Number 1 Original Force

This ‘first’ strength is manifestly precise and singular and could appear via outgoing, powerful, self-sufficient, self-assured, and bold traits. Above all, the #1 is the Survivor. There is on occasion a detail of ego and satisfaction concerned here, too, because the 1 is, as mentioned, a ‘pressure’ that may take each high-quality and poor form (that is actual of all wide variety and letter energies). So the general experience of the #1 is an introduction, pressure, and fierce fortitude…assume of these energies withinside the following word: ‘The President and Judge have faith, passion, and soul – they will battle the devil to the death the use of their blended electricity.’ Can you experience those original forces fairly explode off the page? Simply put, the phrases president, judge, faith, passion, soul, battle, devil, death, electricity, origin, forces, and explode are however some phrases that every overall to the #1 and suggest the unique pressure held therein. Anyone whose call totals to a range of 1 will proportion a number of those energies/qualities.

Number 2 Duality & the Peacemaker

Now let’s study a softer strength — the kind, mild, nonviolent, and home vibration of the wide variety 2. Simply put, the two is the second one man or woman (or factor) delivered to a current 1 that brings every other detail to the picture, the result of that is a want to proportion, compromise (and hopefully, care) for every other (after all, it takes 2 to tango and a pair of to have sex). Perhaps you’re the loving 2 strength or would love to convey greater of this into your call strength? If the subsequent word appeals to you, then the two are probably your wide variety: ‘Our king is friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced and calm…a very parental figure’. Can you experience the softness of this strength? Simply put, the phrases tango, sex, king, friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced, calm, parental, and softness are however some phrases that every overall to the wide variety 2 and the notion of duality (as withinside the Queen to the King, agnostic to spiritual, impolite to tactful, father to mom as parents…and companions required in bodily activities!) in addition to the mild strength related to the peacemaker. Anyone whose call totals to a range of 2 will proportion a number of those energies/qualities.

Number 3 Activity in all its Forms

The wide variety three brings an awful lot greater pastime than the primary energies — a pastime that may contain something: the mouth, the hands, the legs, the brain — and it regulations the introduction of the entirety from toddlers to artwork to magical occurrences (third time lucky; third time’s the charm). If the herbal development of one man or woman becoming a member of with a second man or woman is followed — nature’s reaction is regularly a third man or woman — an infant! Keep that infant in thoughts while deliberating the steady pastime surrounding the three that is energetic, entertaining, articulate, adaptable, inspirational, curious, charming, cheerful, flirtatious, and which hardly ever appears to want sleep! Do you want to convey greater action and sheer lifestyles into your existence? Does the subsequent photo do something for you? ‘Our nurse is a pastime on legs! — an administrator and a comedian — an entertainer! — she exerts so an awful lot colorful strength, she’s like a magic love storm!’ Simply put, the phrases action, nurse, pastime, administrator, comedian, entertainer, exerts, colorful, strength, magic, love, and storm are however some phrases that overall to the wide variety three and suggest the excessive frequencies that rule this vibration. Anyone whose call totals to a range of three will proportion a number of those energies/qualities.

These are however some examples of the mysteries hidden withinside the phrases we use each day — does not it make you surprise what your call is pronouncing approximately you?