US Election 2020: Trump challenged his opponent

By | August 30, 2020

Washington, Agency. The impact of the Corona epidemic can also be seen in the campaigning for the US presidential election. Twitter is being used for campaigning on behalf of Republicans and the Democratic Party, or virtual gatherings are being organized. On Saturday, US President Donald Trump taunted his opponent and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden by tweeting. He said get out of your head and campaign. He said that the people of the country want a fast President, not a weak one. At the same time, Biden has praised Trump in a virtual gathering in his virtual meeting. Meanwhile, according to a Morning Consult survey by The Hill, Democratic candidate Biden continues to lead. However, the relief for Republicans is that Biden’s margin of growth has decreased since the Republican National Convention.

Trump taunted his rival Biden via tweet

On Saturday, Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted tweeting on Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden to come out of his basement and face the public. Trump said Biden agreed to move out of his basement within 10 days following a sharp drop in the survey. Trump stressed that the American public loves a fast-paced and smart president. He said that the American public wants a fast driver and not low speed. In this way, Trump has intensified the electoral wave through tweets.

Trump on the use of the army in the racial movement, Biden promised the public

On the other hand, in a virtual meeting, Democratic candidate Biden has said that he will never use the army for his personal interests. Biden strongly opposed the military’s use of the racist movement. He accused Trump of using the military in the racial movement to fulfill his personal vengeance. Biden called this a violation of civil rights. He has said these things in his virtual address at the General Conference of the National Guard Association of United States. In this conference, Biden promised the countrymen that he would restore the separation between civil and military powers. He said that protecting the rights of citizens is the core of our Republic. He said that if I become President, I will never put you in the midst of politics or personal vendetta.