Training Tricks to Finish the Marathon on Your Bucket List

By | September 1, 2022

Training Tricks – Set your goals early

Months before you hope to be marathon-ready, pick a race that seems realistic for sbobet your fitness level and looks fun. Lock in your goal by figuring out hotels and transportation. “Set your goal early,” says Hal Higdon, author of Run Fast. “Once that goal is set, everything can spin off of there.”

Make your goals realistic

Accept the fact that if you’re a beginning runner, you won’t be able to get in shape in time for a marathon just 10 weeks away. “Realize the magnitude of your goal, and set yourself up for success,” says Jenny Hadfield, MA, CPT, running and fitness coach and author of Marathoning for Mortals. Consider starting with a 5K or 10K to get a sense of what races are like, then set out for 26.2 miles when you have that solid base.

Training Tricks to Finish the Marathon on Your Bucket List

Don’t go from zero to 60 (or even zero to six)

If you run regularly, you might be able to jump right in to a marathon-training program. But if you’re a novice, work yourself up to a base line before setting your sights on those 26.2 miles. “In my program, the first week for a novice is six miles on Sunday,” says Higdon. “If you’ve never run a mile in your life, that’s going to be tough.”

Walk part of the distance

If you find you’re too tired to run the whole mileage you’d planned for a long run, don’t turn back just yet. Finishing your route at a walking pace will reap the same endurance benefits. “Even walking the whole distance of a long run will give you all the endurance of that long run,” says Jeff Galloway, U.S. Olympian and coach to more than half a million marathoners. “It’s a good way to stay in the game and avoid overdoing it.”