By | August 2, 2021

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation society & not only a Zoo. A non-profit organization that’s present in the Dreher Park, Delray. Its heart is wide available for that 550 creatures together with 190 species, a few of which are endangered. All it’s because the efforts of Paul Albert Dreher who had been also referred to as “The Johnny Appleseed of Palm Beach County”. Why? We will have that inside a second. Paul Albert Dreher was created in Wurttemberg, Germany. He’d his major interests in landscaping. Landscaping is about making a bit of land more attention demanding using a little value addition. That happens when the prevailing design is altered which can occur through many different ways. For instance by planting timber and etc. Paul Albert Dreher had his major interests within the field, which “pressure start” his journey of achievements, and the first lined up was his degree in the College of Hohen-Heim. The amount was acquired in the area of Horticulture. Seo of study handles the science of accelerating plants and the concept of garden cultivation and management. After, as he received his degree Dreher made the decision to maneuver to Florida. In 1932, Dreher was hired through the Parks Department for that Town of Delray, there he made the decision chase his passion of landscaping. And here, he received his nickname as he made the decision to reuse the plants and trees which were considered undesirable. “The Johnny Appleseed of Palm Beach County” made the decision to produce an offer to buy the land of Bacon Park which measured around 108 acre and it was of the condition at that time. As due to the Campaign, the town compensated $100 towards the condition for Bacon Park which may be named as Dreher Park following the gap of 6 many 10 several weeks. Paul Albert Dreher made the decision to operate to be able to develop and convert the bacon park from the condition of landfill towards the condition of the proper park. The person, after purchasing barnyard purchased chicken, ducks a goat and rabbits through the use of their own money. Efforts never go useless, anf the husband made count his.

With the passing of time, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society made progress and also the admission of Creatures began happening through the years. This progress made the area a outstanding one, adding notices and training towards the Paul Albert Dreher struggle.


60’s Joey. A Kangaroo. A famous kangaroo that was paid to Walter Brooks III. The reason behind its fame, once we pointed out “A Famous Kangaroo”, was it hardly missed any opportunity to escape home of its owner, Walter Brooks III. When Joey was seen several occasions in the city, Joey grew to become recognized to the citizens of florida. Joey’s escape plans managed to get score numerous visitors that visited to determine Joey in the Walter Brooks III. Joey was really purchased by an Air travel Pilot who had been between your flights around australia there he met Joey that was up and available with regards to Purchase. Air travel pilot were able to purchase it and fly it back completely to Florida, but he was not able to have a lengthy term degree of control over Joey and made the decision allow it to Walter Brooks III, who had been a buddy of Air travel Pilot. A Palm Beach ordinance then happened. The catalyst that was the letter of attorney which was Elwyn Middleton. It essentially banned the having all creatures as pets except a couple of, and also to honorably mention Parakeets, Parrots, Dogs, Cats and Canaries. Joey’s owner made the decision to consider an opposition and accomplished it, but all of this ended in the 29th day within the month of Feb 1964 and also the result to be “To not think about a Kangaroo like a house pet”. Then Joey required a component in Dreher Park Zoo Residency.

16th April 1965

Despite the admission of Joey within the Dreher Park Zoo required place, the area was stated to become missing the factor of major attraction. It was the foundation from the campaign that was began through the residents of florida which campaign was by pointing out acquisition of a youthful Elephant for that Dreher Park Zoo, which led to purchasing a 4 year old baby Elephant on 16th April 1965. That weigh 2,000 pounds at age 4 and also the innocent baby continued to be there for ten years as a whole.


Hammer! Hammer the black bear made the decision to sign up in Dreher Park Zoo around 1969. Hammer was casted within the Tv program referred to as “Gentle Ben”.


Around of 1971, Freddie the alligator grew to become an element of the Dreher Park Zoo. Freddie were able to hatch-out in 1969. This statement sounds a lot more like he were able to escape a prison. Documentary “Alligator” featured the hatching of Freddie that was created by Florida Water Management District. Then 1985 happened, meaning this season the Freddie was lost who had been substituted with the Freddie II and Frieda, two alligators.


The entire year was taken through the princess tiger Bengal that grew to become the very first big cat from the Zoo.


Zelda and Henrietta were two Pygmy hippopotamus. Pygmy hippopotamus are small in dimensions, small hippopotamid. They’re indigenous to West African forests and swamp lands. In 1975, following the 10 years completion, the 14 year elephant that was referred to as Toppie once the arrival around 1965 required place, now Toppie left for an additional zoo on the planet.