Infiniti To Launch New Vehicles For Europe

By | November 26, 2019

Infiniti is a brand that the Nissan Motor Corporation handles. This brand has been the name that some of the best selling cars in the industry hold. And one of the most recent news from Infiniti is that it is currently working on enhanced versions of diesel engines. These engines would run on diesel and are currently under development so much so that they would work even better when mounted on Infiniti cars. Chief executive officer of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, disclosed that the diesel engines that they are currently working on right now are going to be used by Infiniti?s models which are scheduled to make their way to dealerships in Europe by 2010.

At present, there are no Infiniti vehicles sold in Europe yet and the range of vehicles under the Infiniti brand that Nissan is working on is going to be the set of vehicles that Infiniti would bring with it once it enters the European car market. In a news report, Nissan disclosed that they are working on four cars which would be bearing the Infiniti brand. It would be coming with special Infiniti parts made to suit European standards. The company did further share that the four cars that the Infiniti European line up would have are actually based on the current G37 which comes in sedan and coupe types. Aside from that, Nissan shared that Infiniti would be also offered in Europe the latter?s EX37, a vehicle that comes with a four-wheel drive, and the new FX50 which is a premium sport utility vehicle.

A spokesperson for the Infiniti brand said that with the developments going on with the diesel engines which the Infiniti European line of vehicles would use, the Renault-Nissan alliance is working on that. The engine is estimated to be used not only on the Infiniti European range but also on other vehicles that the alliance has been working on. Also, Ghosn had stated,?As Infiniti starts to build volume and credibility, from 2010 we will be ready to offer our customers the latest generation of advanced diesel and hybrid powertrains.?

Infiniti is a brand that actually plays the role of being the Nissan Motor Company?s luxury brand. The brand has been sold in quite a number of markets including North and South America, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Middle East, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, and China. Nissan disclosed that they are looking at entering the European market via Germany and the United Kingdom.