How to Prepare Your Cricket Bat

By | January 20, 2021

Prepare Your Cricket Bat

A common vicinity cause why cricket bats start to crack and turn out to be worse in its playability is that it hasn’t been prepared efficaciously. The Cricket bats are made from clean English Willow. When a thunderbolt of shipping hits the cricket bat, the ball is positive to damage the bat. That is the final element you want from your new cricket bat, in particular, if you have got paid $400+. So therefore it’s far critical that your modern-day cricket bat is prepared efficaciously and carefully. Knocking withinside the bat moreover makes it more difficult, improving the ‘ping’ or rebound tendencies making the bat perform to its optimum. There are 3 crucial areas for bat care. These are ‘oiling’, ‘knocking in’, and ‘shielding coping with’.
Preparing your cricket bat takes a hint little bit of time so it’s far critical now no longer to get too disturbing. You can be thankful that you spend the time making prepared your bat after some years of a successful inning collectively in conjunction with your new cricket bat.

Step 1 – Oiling:

Oiling the cricket bat is critical so whilst the knocking in approach occurs, the bat might now no longer crack. The oil makes the bat more supple, decreasing tension so that the bat might now no longer crack. Raw Linseed Oil ought to be used to oil your cricket bat. Using satisfactory a teaspoon of Raw Linseed Oil, rub the oil anywhere withinside the cricket bat (except over the splice of the bat). When the number one moderate coat of oil is applied, the bat ought to be left horizontally on an unmarried day. Another moderate coat of oil ought to be applied to the bat. Leave the bat withinside the same characteristic on an unmarried day. It is critical now no longer to over oil the bat.

Step 2 – Protective Facing:

This is non-compulsory to you but it’s far notably advocated. A shielding adhesive sheet ought to be applied at the bat. Most bats virtually consist of this sheet so at first, the whole oiling step applies as quickly because the sheet is removed. The shielding sheet surely protects the bat from the massive impact of the cricket ball. This shielding sheet is non-compulsory but it’s far advocated that it’s far used for the number one 365 days of use. Then it ought to be taken off and oil applied to the bat.

Step 3 – Knocking-In:

This most critical approach in making prepared your cricket bat and is also the lengthiest approach. Using a wooden mallet (available at cricket shops and most pastime shops), moderate taps of the cricket bat ought to be made. Starting withinside the middle of the bat, lightly tap the bat and then artwork towards the edges. After a whilst, the tapping of the bat ought to step by step turn out to be a hint bit more difficult. This approach takes a whilst. 4-6 hours is usually how prolonged it takes but it can take longer. It is critical to keep checking the bat to study whether or not or now no longer any dints are occurring. If they do, reduce the strength of your knocks.

Once this is done, it’s time to take the cricket bat proper all of the manners right all the way down to the nets. It is critical first of all clean pix and then steps by step getting into more difficult, more powerful pix after a few net intervals. Throw-downs with a vintage cricket ball are cautioned so that no dents and seam marks occur. After a couple or few net intervals of throw-downs, you could skip on coping with some bowling with a vintage ball. It is critical to keep checking the bat to make sure it isn’t being damaged. After a session or two, some more difficult balls can be faced so it can face the difficult cricket ball in a pastime. After a few intervals, the bat is ready to be used in the pastime.

Step 4 – General:

If a shielding adhesive coping with modified into applied, it can be taken off after 365 days or so. When the protective coping with is taken off, it’s far critical to offer the bat a few different moderate oils as quickly as or twice, leaving it in an unmarried day each time. Then the usage of the mallet, supply the bat a few different mini knock in for an hour or two. This approach can be repeated every 365 days or so onwards till you save you the usage of it.


  • Great care ought to be taken to your cricket bat
  • Don’t be too disturbing to start the usage of your new bat in a pastime at once up, you may be thankful for taking time to prepare your bat.
  • Oil lightly twice, leaving in an unmarried day every example to dry, the usage of Raw Linseed Oil. This makes the wood supple and reduces it from cracking.
  • Protective Adhesive Facing can be applied to protect the bat
  • Using a wooden mallet, lightly knock to your bat, step by step developing strength. Work from the middle towards the edges.
  • Use vintage cricket balls in nets, step by step the usage of more difficult balls. Start with throw-downs and then into whole pitch bowling.
  • Repeat oiling and a short knock in every season or so.
  • Make positive to continuously seem after the bat, make sure it might now no longer get maintain of any moisture or exposed to extreme heat for prolonged hours.
  • Enjoy scoring loads of runs.