10 Major problems faced by most vendors Amazon

By | October 12, 2020

Vendor-Manager-There are many businesses that thrive on Amazon and generating most of their income from this unique platform. But this is not easy for sellers, and there are many challenges that women face to survive and thrive in the largest e-commerce platform in the world that is Amazon.

Here are some of these challenges faced by most sellers on Amazon:

Account Suspension

A third-party vendor is usually completely at the mercy of Amazon because it has an incredible power over them. Work with ‘act first, ask questions later’ and may suspend your account in the smallest of default, errors, or violation of the rules without asking for an explanation. Most of the time, the suspensions are justified, but in some cases, a seller makes an honest mistake and have to pay a huge price for suspension having no idea of ??what they have done wrong.

Now it is no longer necessary to make multiple attempts failed to get his account reinstated with Amazon seller. AMSA membership, you can use the free service reinstatement if your account was suspended.

The brutal competition

there is no regulation on competition you will face in your line of business on Amazon. Competition could be extremely brutal as a large number of vendors competing for greater visibility in search results.

excessive competition makes it difficult for new vendors who are broken in a category. In addition, buyers tend to choose products with established name recognition and a large number of positive comments from customers about new products. This makes it more difficult for new marketers begin to prepare sales against existing vendors.

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Price wars

excessive competition tends to lead to lower prices. As a marketer reduce their prices, the effect can be seen trickling down to other vendors lower their prices and sustaining competition. This leads to thinner margins of products and profit will be reduced.

Seller feedback and comments

seller reviews and comments on the product are important parameters for buyers, while making purchasing decisions. Marketers need to know the difference between the two. If you sell through Amazon FBA program (Fulfilled by Amazon), many potential problems could arise as a seller feedback that is irrelevant to the seller because Amazon is responsible for producing and sending.

A bad profile hamper sales salesman of a vendor. Due to the strict policies of Amazon, it is also difficult for marketers to get reviews for new products because they can not reach customers for it. Moreover, the fact is that many customers do not make an effort to comment until they have had a bad experience.

Each new member of AMSA qualify for a health examination at no cost to your bill of sale in the United States. We have experience in all window profiles, specifically with regard to the health of an account. We provide a solid opinion about where we believe are compared with their peers on the platform.

Sellers receive their money fortnightly

According to Amazon policies, sellers are paid directly to your checking account every 14 days. In addition, Amazon does not accept PayPal buyers and could be a problem if vendors are using their sales revenue from other platforms to buy more inventory to sell.

Amendment of tax laws

sales tax laws change too frequently and many states are passing new laws from time to time. As a seller, it’s hard to stay on top of laws in all 50 states is almost impossible. Historically, Amazon has placed the burden of filing and paying sales tax of third-party vendors, but now some states are forcing Amazon to take a more active role that can be a good initiative for third-party vendors.